and then I walked around high off the caffeine fumes

What I wore to work today, sorta:


This is my “I am Unamused face.”

You might be wondering why I would ever want to wear anything other than my requisite red or blue polo shirt. I do not have an answer for this.

You might also be wondering why I am so very, very unamused. I do have an answer for this! But first, there are a couple of things you should know:

  1. The dining hall provides free, surprisingly good coffee all day.
  2. I like free things.
  3. The automatic doors, while heavy and cumbersome to open by hand, could cause one to grow grey hairs waiting for it to open by itself.
  4. For some reason, today there were no lids for the coffee cups.
  5. The guy walking behind us decided he was no match for the unwieldy door already being propped open by two 20 year old girls.

You may already have a general idea of what happens next. If your idea is that as we walked through one of the double doors, the guy behind us decided he could not slip through the ALREADY OPEN DOOR but needed to push the automatic door button, prompting the second door to open without warning on my fellow intern, spilling her un-lidded cup of coffee all down her shirt–well, then you are wrong.

Because that happened to me.

Conclusion: either the uniform gods were smiling down on me by willing me to wear a flowered blouse on which a whole cup of spilled coffee would never show, or they were showing me their wrath at my abandonment of the polo shirts.

Also, I believe my unamused face could also double as my bored face. This is not bad acting; thisĀ  isĀ  multi-tasking.

may 24

Today I brought a whole thermos of espresso to work.

This is acceptable because 1. I have quite a high caffeine tolerance and 2. It is very draining, both physically and mentally, for me to be on my best behavior for eight hours a day. (Example: gracefully eating a burrito at lunch with my boss on the first day of work. Challenge accepted and-still-in-the-process-of-completing.)

In other, more interesting news, today I wore my red shirt to work. After careful consideration, I realized that all asians look good in red so I’d definitely impress all the people who wait at the door for me to show up in the morning. Then I came home and looked in the mirror and realized that I was wrong.

may 23

Today I wore my navy blue polo to work because I knew that I would be outside at a catering event for 6 hours in sunny 93 degree weather. And I just like to make my life miserable like that.

No picture because I’m lazy, I forgot, I didn’t realize how awkward it is taking a picture of your outfit, I still awkwardly took a picture of myself and promptly deleted it, etc etc.

It’s all part of a learning process.