may 24

Today I brought a whole thermos of espresso to work.

This is acceptable because 1. I have quite a high caffeine tolerance and 2. It is very draining, both physically and mentally, for me to be on my best behavior for eight hours a day. (Example: gracefully eating a burrito at lunch with my boss on the first day of work. Challenge accepted and-still-in-the-process-of-completing.)

In other, more interesting news, today I wore my red shirt to work. After careful consideration, I realized that all asians look good in red so I’d definitely impress all the people who wait at the door for me to show up in the morning. Then I came home and looked in the mirror and realized that I was wrong.

may 23

Today I wore my navy blue polo to work because I knew that I would be outside at a catering event for 6 hours in sunny 93 degree weather. And I just like to make my life miserable like that.

No picture because I’m lazy, I forgot, I didn’t realize how awkward it is taking a picture of your outfit, I still awkwardly took a picture of myself and promptly deleted it, etc etc.

It’s all part of a learning process.